1. What is women empowerment?

It is the process wherein women recreate and amplify the things that woman can do, what women can be and what women can accomplish in circumstances that women previously were prohibited.

2. What is the meaning of international organizations for women?

These are usually non-profit organizations that provide practical and moral support to women around the world. They usually extend financial aid and emotional counseling which includes teaching women life skills training, rights awareness, job skills, business development, health education, among others.

3. What does a woman’s meaningful travel mean?

A meaningful travel means being able to go to places and enjoy its physical and spiritual elements for self-development and life-change.

4. Why women travel alone?

Women usually travel because they are in search for an increased sense of self.

5. What are the benefits of travel?

It helps to know oneself better. It also creates precious memories.

6. What are the benefits of traveling alone?

It builds self-confidence. It makes you to be more focused and more observant to details. Traveling alone builds one’s character especially for a woman and gives a great sense of accomplishment.